Horse treks

07. February 2016 Treks 0
Horse treks

As soon as spring comes, we also plan day treks with horses & ponies. We go for 5 to 6 hourse rides with a lunch box in our satchels.

Various tours are possible: in the Leguer valley and the Côte des bruyères (litteraly “coast of heather”) from the Yaudet to St Michel en grève; in the Roscoat valley to Rosambo castle (with a visit of the castle included!); from St Michel en grève to Locquirec by the bay (when tides are high), the Yar valley and the Grand Rocher (litteraly “the Big Roc”) to Plestin les grèves… and many others. We supply the saddle bags and you bring your lunch box.

We also can organise treks on several day, on demand. The Monts d”Arrées are only 2 days (on horseback!) from Keropartz…

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