07. February 2016 Competition 0

Jean-Michel BARON created his horse farm in the middle of the 80s. He selected & trained his horse for endurance test, as this new equestrian discipline, started in USA, was reaching France. Endurance competition is a real equestrian marathon; the goal is to go far, while sparing its mount. Endurance test start from 20 km to 160 km a day – sometimes 200 km in 2 days. It is one of the 8 disciplines shown during World Equestrian Games, since 1990.

Descended from his stud (El Oya Moulouk PSA, 4* in endurance) and two mares (Kenda SF 4* and Alexa PS 3*), his horse farm give birth to horse that make, or made, great performances at a international level: Daky from Keropartz, Makoub from Keropartz, Souleym from Keropartz…

According to their aptitudes, some of our young horses leave Keropartz to be trained to endurance with Klervi Lefevre (Elevage de Kerrougant). Some have made or will make a career in this olympic discipline.

If you’re interesting in buying a young horse from our farm, please contact us.

We offer to our experienced horse riders, who train themselves all year long in Keropartz, to participate to competitions. Several disciplines can be discovered, according to their skills & budget:
– LONG DISTANCE ENDURANCE: 20, 40, 60 km… Up to you!
– TREC: Competition Horse Trek technics
– CSO: Show-jumping
& more!

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