Our horses & ponies

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Our horses & ponies

All our horses & ponies live outside, in large & nice fields. They enjoy an habitat & a playground without equal, and are happy & calm mounts. They all are used to outside treks, and are quiet & reliable in all and any circumstances. Agile, wilful & trustworthy, they always know how to give you confidence, in the manège, during outside treks or in participating to a competition. Children – but not only! – will love our Icelandic horses… and sportspersons will enjoy our Anglo-Arabian horses! And you”ll discover many other friends at Keropartz.

Our horses

Almost all of our horses & ponies are born in Keropartz horse farm, and are raised & trained by us. Most of our horses are from El Oya Moulouk, an Arab stallion; cross-breeded with differents mares (Selle français, english Thoroughbred, Standardbred…), they are really sporty, with a quiet mind. Skilful mounts, they are perfect outside horses, resistant and trustful. Light & supples, lively & generous, they have real aptitudes for dressage & jumping.

Jean Michel BARON started his horse farm in the middle of the 80s. He selected & trained his horse for endurance competition, as this discipline coming for United States began to reach France.

Icelandic horses

Our Icelandic horses (with pony size!) will make kids & adults happy – beginners or experienced riders will enjoy their kindness, calm & reliablity. These ponies have unique gaits (tölt & pace) which make them incredibly comfy even if you’re just begining horse riding. They are perfect mounts for children.

They are quite tall for ponies (about 4 feet and 3 inches, on average) & really dynamic, and are able to follow our most challenging outside treks, for the enjoyment of experienced young riders. They are also perfect for adults who want to discover their typical gaits, or wish to start horse riding in a very peaceful way. In Iceland, everybody rides these small horses, which are great & robust mounts.

Our ponies are all from Icelandic horses, descended from 3 mares coming from Iceland: Flecka, Jarp, Jork. They gave birth to many descendants, mostly from Fölk from Keroportz – the chief stud. Recently, a very nice model called Afram du Don, come to bring his blood to our horse farm (Elgrïnd and Eyja from Keropartz born in 2014).